Expert Divorce Lawyer in Pennsylvania

McIntosh Lawyers was founded by Joseph McIntosh 23 years ago and had been serving the needs of clients going through family, civil, and criminal matters in Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania. We protect all sensitive data, which is often the real cornerstone of divorce litigation.

We provide the following services


In a collaborative divorce, both the parties, along with their respective lawyers, undertake informal proceedings outside the court to achieve a goal of resolution. It is cost-effective and faster than using the court system.

We serve our clients in child custody cases and provide skill, experience, and honest guidance. The vital consideration in custody determinations is the best interest of the child. We maintain steady objectivity and know that the well-being of your child is your primary concern.

There are two types of support which one spouse can assert on others, which are alimony pendent lite and spousal support. The party will receive only one support as per the law.

Prenuptial agreement is to summarize the specific expectation of both parties if a divorce occurs. This agreement will provide information regarding asset distribution, alimony, and spousal support.

Divorce is involved with a lot of complicated and painful procedures, and it includes many decisions. We have the credentials and experience to prosecute or defend your divorce case, and we will be a part of your resolution.

We offer the mediation service to our clients to provide a settlement between the parties and act as an impartial third party.

Equitable distribution is a process of dividing marital assets and debts, and we assist you with the considerable documentation to determine the value as courts consider this report to share fairly.

The Pennsylvania Protection from abuse law allows domestic abuse victims to remove the abusive person from home quickly and legally. The abuser can be male or female.

During a divorce in Pennsylvania, it is sometimes necessary for the court to issue injections or any other orders to protect the interest of both parties and makes sure the process is executed correctly.

During a divorce, both parties have equal rights to stay in the marital home unless the court has ruled otherwise. This is a crucial decision during divorce, and both parties cannot agree with the court may enter an order for exclusive possession.   

Grandparents play a vital role in the lives of grandchildren, and they may file an action for partial custody or supervised physical custody under a few situations.

Child support orders are designed to divide the support between the parents for children. McIntosh lawyers are poised to evaluate, negotiate, or litigate a child support order.

Marital property distribution is one of the most challenging aspects of divorce, and it is even more in the high asset value cases. We use our expert services to determine the asset value and provide credible support for your situation and challenge the opposite party.