When confronted with the fear and uncertainty of a divorce, the timely selection of a skilled, compassionate and aggressive divorce trial lawyer is essential to protect your rights, and give you competent guidance to make informed decisions. Indeed, divorce triggers not only the emotional aspects of the loss and separation of a spouse, but also significant concerns which center upon the ramifications of a divorce, including spousal support, APL, child support, loss of assets and one's home, child custody and all of the future uncertainties relating to all of these issues.

Divorce Trial Lawyer

When selecting a lawyer, one must be mindful that not all lawyers have the same degree of experience, education, tenacity and compassion to skillfully navigate clients through all of the issues surrounding a divorce. McIntosh Lawyers, PC prosecutes and defends all aspects of divorce cases in the Pennsylvania Counties of Delaware, Chester, Montgomery and Bucks.

Divorce, High Net Worth Divorce & Family Law

McIntosh Lawyers, PC was founded over twenty-one (21) years ago by Joe McIntosh, Esquire who, for over two decades, has been serving the needs of high net worth clients in divorces in the Pennsylvania Counties of Delaware, Chester, Montgomery and Bucks. In addition to this experience, Joe McIntosh, Esquire also brings a unique educational background of earning three law degrees, including two advanced LL.M. law degrees, respectively in taxation and trial advocacy, together with an MBA; a blended skill set which uniquely poises Joe McIntosh to counsel and advocate the best resolution of all economic and non-economic issues associated with divorce. These economic issues include, obligations for spousal support, APL, alimony, child support, equitable distribution, distribution of pre-marital, post-separation and accumulated marital assets, including bank accounts, retirement accounts, stock options and a variety of assets and income recognized under Pennsylvania law. The non-economic issues include, and generally center upon child custody.

Experienced Divorce Trial Lawyer

Clients of McIntosh Lawyers, PC receive the benefit of a broadly educated divorce trial lawyer who is armed with the education and experience to skillfully consider all divorce issues from a comprehensive and global perspective, and one who has the experience to counsel and maneuver clients through the complexities of high net worth divorces and child custody issues.

In handling all matters, and especially high-net-worth divorces, McIntosh Lawyers, PC is also mindful and vigilant to protect all sensitive data which is often the factual cornerstone of divorce litigation. With state of the art file retention, encryption and back-up protocols, together with stringent redaction policies to protect and prevent the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive client data, McIntosh Lawyers, PC understands that clients deserve uncompromised protection and security when handling sensitive data for litigation purposes. McIntosh Lawyers, PC invites all clients to inquire about the firm's data retention, redaction and back-up protocols.

In addition to being repeatedly recognized as one of the best lawyers in family law, McIntosh Lawyers, PC proudly recognizes that most clients are typically referred by other clients who have witnessed a relentless advocate who committed to the ultimate goal of a favorable outcome.

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If you are confronted with any divorce or support related matter call me today at (610) 566-1700.

Delaware County Divorce Lawyer
Joe McIntosh, Delaware County Divorce Lawyer, is committed to helping individuals and families through the difficult process of divorce proceedings.

Collaborative Divorce
In a collaborative divorce, both parties wish to pursue a divorce without resorting to confrontational court proceedings.

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