Child Support Orders are designed to divide the support obligations between the parents for the support of children, with each Order meeting five (5) essential components.

With over two (2) decades of divorce litigation experience in prosecuting and defending divorce, custody and child support cases in Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County and Bucks County Pennsylvania, McIntosh Lawyers, PC represents custodial and non-custodial parents with respect to all aspects of child support Orders, including complaints for child support, modification of existing child support Orders and/or enforcement of a child support Orders.

In creating or modifying a support Order, taking prompt action is critical. No decisions or changes can be made until the necessary paperwork is submitted and time-stamped with the Court. Equally as important, the time-stamped date secures your rights at a given point in time when your complaint or petition seeks to create or modify a charging Order.

In calculating the Pennsylvania child support guidelines, the charging Order is based upon each parent’s financial earnings.

With respect to the child support calculations, they are generally income driven. The most significant factor in determining child support payments is the evaluation of each parent’s monthly income or their “earning capacity.” Earning capacity allows the court to estimate what parents without a current income could earn, based on education, skills, training and previous employment.

However, there are many issues to consider when prosecuting or defending a child support case. From an income perspective, more sophisticated issues involve the treatment of vested stock options and whether they are deemed income for purposes of calculating child support.

As a point of differentiation, prior to filing a complaint or modification for child support, McIntosh Lawyers, PC always performs a detailed analysis, running hypothetical scenarios and advising the client of potential arguments and outcomes after careful consideration of the relevant facts and law. In this regard, a charging Order could go up or down as soon as the issue is presented to the Court by the filing of a petition.

McIntosh Lawyers, PC is poised to evaluate, negotiate and/or litigate an appropriate child support Order.

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