Course Date

The Art of Civil Trial Advocacy from Discovery to Appeal5/14/98
Elder Law for the General Practitioner6/4/98 
Fundamentals of Family Law9/2/98 
Sheriff Sales9/25/98 
Out Here on My Own10/3/98 
Tax Deferred Real Estate Exchanges3/3/99 
Support Guidelines3/29/99 
Boot Camp6/3/99
Update in Law6/9/99 
De-Stress for Success6/10/99
Courtroom Ethics6/10/99
Litigation Update6/30/99
Boundary Law7/12/99
Ethics in ADR9/23/99
Insuring Title9/29/99
Experts and Ethics10/20/99
Landlord/Tenant Law Update10/27/99
Marketing for Small Firms and Solo Practitioners1/14/00
Litigating in Orphans’ Court2/24/00
Deposition: Tactics for Trial Lawyers3/14/00
Boundary Law3/15/00
Organizing an Ethical Law Office3/22/00
Ethics in Pre-Trial Litigation4/12/00
Modern Issues in Criminal Defense Law4/14/00
Four County Practice4/19/00
Breakthrough Negotiations: Techniques for Lawyers4/25/00
IRS Reporting Requirements on Real Estate Transactions9/15/00
Representing the Guilty10/18/00
Adoption Law and Procedure4/17/01
Maximizing the Theme of Your Defense5/30/01
Real Estate Tax Assessment7/19/02
Real Estate Litigation8/23/02
Ethical Issues in Client Representation11/6/02
Internet Child Pornography2/13/03
DUI and Appellate Practice2/20/03
Sentencing in Pennsylvania State Courts4/9/03
Capital Cases4/10/03
The Probate Process from Start to Finish4/28/03
Electronic Filing5/9/03
 Juvenile Procedure5/15/03
Trial Advocacy5/15/03
 Mold Impact5/22/03
Landlord Tenant Law Update7/24/03
The Effects of Immigration on Criminal Practice9/11/03
DUI and License Suspension11/13/03
Update on Child Pornography11/20/03
Underage Drinking11/20/03
Effects of Domestic Law on Real Estate11/26/03
Handling a DUI Case Under the New Law3/11/04 
Pennsylvania Materials on Westlaw4/13/04
Civility in the Courtroom4/15/04
Beginning Westlaw on the Web4/20/04
Westlaw Litigation Seminar4/20/04
Register of Wills5/4/04
Search and seizure10/20/04
Microsoft Word for the Law12/8/05
Attorney/Client Privilege3/4/05
Unauthorized Practice of Law4/28/05
Courtroom and Case Law Update6/15/05
Hot Topics in Custody6/15/05
Jury Reactions6/16/05
Appellate Practice6/16/05
 Legal Jeopardy6/17/05
Real Estate Tax Sales10/28/05 
Enforcement of District Court Judgments (Speaker)3/14/06
Expungement, Pardons and Appeals (Speaker)3/1/07
Omnibus Motion Practice in Criminal Court9/13/07
Driver’s License Suspension.10/11/07
 Mechanic’s Lien11/30/07
Electronic Filing4/15/08
Avoiding Malpractice5/7/08
Liquor License7/25/08
Cash Management9/24/08
Realty Transfer Taxes9/26/08
Magisterial District Judges12/12/08
Five County Criminal Practice2/26/09
Preliminary Criminal Procedure3/17/09
Drug Court4/9/09
Sentencing Guidelines5/13/09
Attorney Discipline8/18/09
Orphans’ Court Update9/23/09
DUI Defense12/17/09
Social Security Disability3/17/10
Support Guidelines3/24/10
50 Ways to Lose Your License5/20/10
50/50 Custody10/14/10
Build an Ethical Website10/21/10
Criminal Forensics12/17/10
Demystifying K-1s and W-2s in Support and ED9/22/11
Protection From Abuse10/5/11
Prison Issues10/14/11
Impact of Social Media in Child Custody10/20/11
Foreclosure Defense11/17/11
Judge Hazel3/9/12
Getting Clients to Call3/30/12
Foreclosures and Tax Sales5/3/12
Social Security Benefits5/10/12
Seller’s Disclosure8/30/12
DUI Refusals9/14/12
DUI Testing3/12/13
How to be a Guardian3/14/13
State of the Courts4/25/13
Choice of Entity4/25/13
Drafting Wills4/30/13
Relocation in Custody Cases6/19/13
Medicare 1018/29/13
Short sales8/30/13
Navigating Local Courts9/24/13
Life and Death Decisions9/25/13
Produce More Traffic to Your Website10/3/13
Delaware County Courts10/9/13
Attorney fees in Estates2/12/14
Summary and License Suspension Appeals2/12/14
Delaware County Jury Trials4/23/14
Collection Procedures4/23/14
Legal Work8/29/14
Meet the Masters9/30/14
Social Security10/2/14
Changes with Power of Attorneys10/9/14
Federal Court of Appeals10/17/14
Update on Civil Practice11/12/14
Ethics and Custody Law11/13/14
Using Timelines, Chronologies and Transcript Management11/18/14
Update on Family Law in Delaware County1/28/15
Everything You Wanted to Know About Real Estate2/3/15
Fraud Prevention2/11/15
Using Social Media Ethically2/18/15
New Rules of Professional Conduct3/11/15
 iPad/iPhone for the Mobile Lawyer3/11/15
Avoiding Legal Malpractice3/12/15
Smartphones and Mobile Apps for Lawyers3/13/15
Preparing for Trial3/18/15
Managing Technology and Research3/25/15
Forensic Drug Testing3/26/15
Advance Litigation Skills3/27/15
Tax Issues for Lawyers4/30/15
Right to Know Law5/7/15
Drafting Wills in Pennsylvania9/29/15
Preparation of Deeds9/29/15
Safeguard Client Information10/15/15
Ethical Concerns in Estate Planning and Administration2/18/16
Ethics in the Judiciary3/3/16
Obama Care 20163/10/16
Lawyer’s Guide to Adobe4/14/16
Changes to IOLTA4/29/16
Amendments to UIFSA6/14/16
Mid-Year Tax Update6/30/16
When Blood is Warranted8/30/16
Gun Law and Collateral Consequences9/14/16
New Orphans’ Court Rules9/21/16
Elder Fraud9/29/16
Top 10 Reasons for Discipline10/18/16
Microsoft Word11/16/16
ABC’s of Asset Protection11/17/16
Marijuana Business12/7/16
Criminal Case Law Update12/8/16
Elder Law Abuse Task Force Update12/14/16
Technology and Ethics1/25/17
Special Needs Trusts2/28/17
QDRO & Retirement Plans3/7/17
Power of Attorney3/8/17
ARD -Revisions and Review3/21/17
Precision Advocacy3/24/17
Property Tax Appeals4/26/17
Pre-marital Agreements6/6/17
Mid-Year Tax Update6/27/17
Computer Security7/20/17
IRS Audits A to Z8/15/17
Excel for Lawyers9/11/17
Maximizing Social Security9/13/17
Word for Lawyers10/2/17
Digital Revolution 2.010/18/17
Basics of Federal Criminal Practice11/17/17
Business Destroyers11/28/17
Federal Estate Tax and Estate Planning Update2/15/18
New Public Access Policy3/1/18
Smartphone eDiscovery4/25/18
Estate and Gift Tax Changes 20179/11/18
Using Technology to Improve Preparation9/28/18
Modern Trends in Law Office Tech10/16/18
Ins and Outs of PFA12/13/18
Tax Update1/31/19
Techo Ethical Mistakes4/23/19
Will Contests Evidentiary Rules6/11/19
Anatomy of a Protection From Abuse Process10/15/19
Income and Estate Tax Update – 20201/30/20
Avoiding Malpractice2/27/20
The SECURE Act3/11/20
Avoid Malpractice During a Pandemic3/30/20
COVID-19 and the Court’s Operations3/31/20
Tax Effects of Conronavirus4/1/20
Coronavirus and Your Mental Health4/7/20
Expert Witness Testimony4/13/20
Zoom or Not to Zoom4/14/20
Survey of Real Estate Law4/20/20
Working Remotely, Securely and Ethically4/23/20
Essential Tech, Tools & Talent4/30/20
PPP Loans5/7/20
Avoidance of Malpractice5/12/20
Maximize Paycheck Protection Loan Forgiveness5/20/20
How to Complete PPP Loan Forgiveness Application Correctly6/9/20
Delco Property Tax Reassessment and Appeals Process6/16/20
Midyear Income and Estate Tax Update 20207/21/20

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