During a Pennsylvania divorce, particularly a contentious divorce, it is sometimes necessary for the court to issue injunctions or other orders. These orders are issues are to protect the interest of the parties, or to make sure the divorce code is executed properly. The court has full equity, power, and jurisdiction in divorce cases, and below is a partial list of what can be ordered by the court during a divorce case:
  • Freezing of Assets: The court may freeze bank accounts, brokerage accounts, or other assets to protect either party
  • Non-Dissipation of Marital Property – the court may issue an injunction that prevents the removal of assets from the marital home
  • Injunctions Against Dissipation of Real Estate – the court may order that mortgage payments, taxes, and property maintenance are paid to preserve these assets during the divorce proceedings.

Marital Residence Exclusive Possession: Exclusive possession of the marital residence or other property can be awarded to one of the spouses by the court, but only in special circumstances. Exclusive possession requires that one of spouses vacate the residence. The facts must prove strongly to the court that removal of the spouse from the residence is necessary and warranted.

With over two (2) decades of divorce litigation experience in prosecuting and defending divorce, custody and support cases in Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County and Bucks County Pennsylvania, McIntosh Lawyers, PC is poised to address your special relief or exclusive possession needs in your divorce case.

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